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25th Sep2016

Some footage from ICCON2 ! We had an amazing time and the convention was wonderful !!!

25th Sep2016

Here is Vincent Roth and Omen’s Champions form SURGE of Power, Revenge of the Sequel an Indy Film being viewed nationwide as of Sep 9th!

25th Sep2016

ICC SEP 20TH weekly art

26th Aug2016

ICCON 2 is going to be massive

WE ARE JUST 13 DAYS AWAY from what is sure to be one amazing convention, from our media guests to our artist to cosplay and a whole...

26th Aug2016


What is it that Inspires you ?

03rd Aug2016


ICC CONVENTION 2 will be monumental. period!

12th Jul2016

YOUR CIRCLE is extremely important

09th Jul2016

Cos A Stir appearing at ICCON2

ICC CON 2 is very proud to announce our next Cosplayers, a superb team coming to you at ICCON2- Cos A Stir COSPLAY – will be joining...

02nd Jul2016

B BROTHERS Black Panther Fan Film

The B BROTHERS Team present our little take on a Black Panther Fan film.

02nd Jul2016

ICC HOT CORNER Anthony Peterson drops knowledge about Indies!