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02nd Jul2016

Todd Black sharing knowledge


02nd Jun2016

Megacon Rocked 100%

 MegaCon was a whoping 4 days this year!

02nd Jun2016

MEGACON is here!

  MegaCON arrived to Florida , and we all had an absolute wonderful time, going to add a few of the videos !

14th May2016

ICC VIDEO week of May 14, 2016

Once again, more fantastic work posted in the group to be in, look what ICC is doing! 

05th May2016

YOUR Reputation

I think that is important that creators realize your reputation speaks volumes to people. With social media word travels fast about who you are, and what you...

29th Apr2016


http:// Here is another update on ICCON2 ! Our guest list is growing! Keep watching for more updates!

22nd Apr2016

ICC VIDEO 4-21-16

I personally am a huge fan of Prince, we lost an iconic artist on 4-21-16. Icc actually had quite a few wonderful creators do some fan art...

22nd Apr2016

Matthew DeFoor

Bakercam interviews Mr. Matthew Defoor, and up and rising Cosplayer whose doing great things for the cosplay world, and all the fans want to take pics with...

20th Apr2016


14 MINUTE video of some of the footage from SCNF Sunday , I give the event my quick walk around and say hello to a few friends,...

20th Apr2016

BakerCAM 20

A quick look at one of our 8 videos sho t at Space Coast Fest April 2016.