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Pam Harrison, Editor in Chief
Winston Jordan, Assistant Editor
Contributors: Jerrie Lee, Terance Baker, Winston Jordan, Pam Harrison, Charles Apellaniz, Bill McCormick

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Worksheets and Schedules for ICC Magazine Staff:

We will begin utilizing this website exclusively for greater ease of content creation, editing, images and selection of web articles for upcoming issues of ICC Magazine, not the other way around as done previously. Going back and adding articles to the website retroactively after publication is a time-consuming process and is only effective if two or more of the Staff are involved in posting to the site.

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ICC Magazine – December 2018 – Content Creation

10/22/18 – 12/5/18

Winter 2018 | Annual Schedule
Advertising Reservation Deadline: February/May/August/November 7th (Click Advertise! for ad rates)
Material Deadlines: February/May/August/November 20th
Camera Ready: March/June/September/December 5th
Publication Date: April/July/October/December 1st

Section A/B Editing- Contents and Previews

Create page order 10/21/18 –DONE

Call for Submissions, Sort through previous submissions
DEADLINE – 10/31/18 9:00 am – 10/31/18 6:00 pm

Section C Editing – Articles

Three articles for magazine, informational, how-to, tips, advice.


DEADLINE – November 20 Edit, proof and finish: 11/21/18 9 am – 11/21/18 6 pm

Section D Editing – Comic Reviews

Three comic reviews, artwork submitted, artist info and where to buy comics.

DEADLINE – November 20
Edit, proof and finish: 11/21/18 9 am – 11/21/18 6 pm

Section E Editing – Artist Spotlight [We already have all Artist Spotlight pages completed for this issue]

FOUR Artist Spotlights per magazine, vote, pick, interview. Chief Editor can help with interview questions. Please request good quality digital art and a photo of each artist.

DEADLINE – November 20. Any artist slated for a Spotlight who refuses to respond to requests for information or does not turn in their interview ON TIME will be bumped from their spot, and the next Artist waiting in line for a Spotlight will be bumped up and substituted for that issue.
Edit, proof and finish: 11/21/18 9 am – 11/21/18 6 pm

I have whittled all our Artist Spotlight requests for the rest of the year down to these. Here’s the heads up (√ means Completed):

Summer/June 2018: ICC Magazine #3: Christie Shinn√, James Dyar√, Jennifer Frandsen√, John Crowther√

Fall/September 2018: ICC Magazine #4: Jenni Gregory√, Anthony Peterson√, Madeleine Holly-Rosing√, Darrel Goza√

Winter/December 2018: ICC Magazine #5 Holiday Gift Guide: John Jones√, Heidi Ahmad√

Winter/January 2019: ICC Magazine #6: Tom Rasch√, TBD, TBD, TBD

Section F Editing – Comic Cons and Cosplay


DEADLINE – November 20
Edit, proof and finish: 11/21/18 9 am – 11/21/18 6 pm

Section G Editing – Hottest Indie Comics and Comics to Watch For [Holiday Gift Guide/Extended Pages]

DEADLINE – 11/22/18 9 am – 11/31/18 6 pm

Call for submissions, collect information and images, lay out pages and add products to website, scheduled to publish on December 5th in time for holidays.

Section Z Editing – Advertisements

All ads complete, placed in magazine. Artists wishing to purchase ads in ICC Magazine may do so here.

[Currently waiting for two-week sorting period after Kickstarter. A number of backers have purchased ad space for the next five issues. Once this process is complete we will have an accurate listing of ad space availability] Ad Space Currently Available For ICC Magazine #4:

Cover Inside Front, 3, 11, 30, 48, 55, Cover Inside Back

Production Schedule


Spring 2019
Advertising Reservation Deadline: February 7 (Click Advertise! for ad rates)
Material Deadlines: February 20
Camera Ready: March 5
Publication Date: April 1

Summer 2019
Advertising Reservation Deadline: May 7 (Click Advertise! for ad rates)
Material Deadlines: May 20
Camera Ready: June 5
Publication Date: July 1

Fall 2019
Reservation Deadline: August 7 (Click Advertise! for ad rates)
Material Deadlines: August 20
Camera Ready: September 5
Publication Date: October 1

Winter 2019
Advertising Reservation Deadline: November 7 (Click Advertise! for ad rates)
Material Deadlines: November 20
Camera Ready: December 5
Publication Date: January 1