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Welcome To ICC!

ICC-logo2Greetings everyone,
I’d like to take this opportunity and thank you for coming to the ICC Website. I founded ICC originally on Facebook as a means to give Independent Creators a way of conversing and displaying the art mediums that we enjoyed. The group rapidly expanded, so creating a website was inevitable.  As Independents coming together I saw the need to connect us even farther, so we created ICU- Independent Creators United, and we published our first collaborative book shortly after that. The group is fastly gaining recognition as an Indy Company and a label that is becoming a  real contender. ICC and ICU are about to take the industry by storm and I couldn’t be prouder. The theme of ICC is to connect like minded individuals in this market and we are doing that, respectfully. Prepare to see a ton of fantastic individuals and what we can do with art.

Thank you and welcome to our world.
Founder Terance (Artist) Baker.

One Response to “Welcome To ICC!”

  • Bobby Gladney

    I.C.C. is a vision that I had for some many years and attempted to produce as such but NEVER came through completely. I was missing the like-minded individuals part and once invited to this momentous group, I must admit that I was skeptical. I had my defenses far beyond the norm but as I watched and helped the group progress, I fell into this FAMILY and became a core member.

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