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10th Jan2015

The Artwork of Soussherpa – Robert Thomas Baumer

by PamHarrison
Name: Robert Thomas Baumer
Comment: I hope you like my work.
10th Jan2015

Sigmate Studio – Stephen Kok

by PamHarrison

Name: Stephen Kok
Comment: Thanks for helping showcase my site. I currently have my first Kickstarter which I am hoping to get some publicity for.

09th Jan2015

The ADAPT™ Project – Darrell Goza

by PamHarrison

Name: Darrell Goza
Comment: Wow. The last two years of The ADAPT™ Project has been great. 2015 begins a new endeavor as we continue the online strips but add print products to the mix. We’ll start off humbly enough but are making a dedicated effort to be consistent in getting the work done and out. We’ll also be introducing concepts and characters never seen in comic content products before.

09th Jan2015

CSRC Storys – C.S.R. Calloway

by PamHarrison

Name: C.S.R. Calloway
Comment: This is the link to my website “run” by the superheroes in my debut novel and upcoming graphic novel.

09th Jan2015

Dream Angel – Jennifer Rash

by PamHarrison
2Name: Jennifer Rash
Comment: "The Dream Angel series stars Arora Arum, an artistic young woman just recently 
graduated from high school. But Arora has a secret, and it's a big one! She is secretly 
the superhero, Dream Angel! She has been fighting for freedom for the last three years 
from the evil Nyxus, who rules behind the scenes and pulls the strings of power in her 
home, South Bartin City. But the battle is turned as we start our tale as her family is 
put in danger and it looks like the evil Nyxus has learned her secret identity!"
07th Jan2015

Sons of Fate (Origins) – Jean-Paul Deshong

by PamHarrison
Name: Jean-Paul Deshong

Comment: I am looking for people to review my book Sons of Fate (ORIGINS), the first in the 
trilogy that is Sons of Fate. Please let me know the process for submission. It is more than 
just the graphic novel, but the web series as well. To see the ENTIRE experience, please go 
to the site above Thank you, and I look forward to hear from you.
31st Dec2014

by PamHarrison

There are hundreds of Artist with great ideals, but do not have the platform to showcase their books. G7 plans on becoming that beacon and inspire artists to believe in themselves and keep drawing and creating for themselves, not for other people’s opinions.I love what ICC is doing and want to be apart of this movement.

Kenneth Gaynor

16th Dec2014


by PamHarrison

Cryo-Joe is an ongoing webcomic by Andrew Carron and Davy Jae.

04th Sep2014

Pure of Heart Review By Zachary Carlisle

by Zachary Carlisle


This past week, I had the pleasure of reading a short comic strip by Dave Brink called Pure of Heart. Pure of Heart is a story about a young warrior who seems to be haunted by the tasks that were given to her. After reading this, I was reminded of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets CW’s Supernatural. It was a fun and entertaining. The artwork was unique and great! Though the story was short and to the point, it leaves you wanting more from this character. All in all, I would give this a solid 4 stars out of 5!

The story, pencils, and inking were done by Dave Brink and the coloring was done by Roland Lamers.


30th Jun2014

Bloodstripe the Marine: Frontline- Zachary’s Review

by Zachary Carlisle

A WHOLE LOT OF ACTION! The collaborative team of R.J. Mead, A.Z. Wallbrown, and Robert Finch bring a terrifying, science fiction, action story that leaves you at the edge of your seat. The story and characters are off the wall and awesome. By the time you finish this book, you’ll be begging for more and MORE!

-Zachary Carlisle



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