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21st Jul2014

Comic Reviews: Playin’ Possum

by PamHarrison

playin__possum_page_8_by_chickfighter-d7jabxoPossum is his codename. When someone like the government or the mob has a job they can’t do themselves they call Possum. Some say he’s a self-centered bastard. Some say he’s a badass. Some say he’s just greedy. It’s a good thing. Those who hire Possum can be sure that the job will get done because “good ol’ Possum always gets paid!”

For a number of years I’ve been familiar with the work of Jerrie Lee from his numerous webcomics: Anthology of Anfer, Jay’s Internet Fight Club, Neva Knownes, Pate Empire and now Lee’s Intergalactic Fighting League. Jay’s hilarious humor and Not Safe For Work fight scenes have taken the scene of women’s wrestling to all-new heights.

playin__possum_page_10_by_chickfighter-d7jiyqkHis work as an artist underwent an evolution with the debut of Lee’s Intergalactic Fighting League: the fighters have more clothes on, sure, but the writing, dialogue and plot have come a long way. When I learned that Jerrie Lee had finally made his debut into print with Playin’ Possum #1, I had to grab a copy for myself. I was not disappointed. I got such a kick out of the storytelling and graphics, which really meshed totally well–I couldn’t quit smiling.

Possum receives a complicated assignment from General Thicke that involves playing three dangerous and intriguing masked women, Sleeker, Masked Americana and Chickfighter, against each other to recover a stolen flash drive. His first move is to attempt to kidnap DDSTV executive Tiffany Truesdale as bait to force Masked Americana to enter Sleeker’s Killer Kumite.

playin__possum_page_11_by_chickfighter-d7jntd0Of course even the best plans seldom survive first contact with one’s foes. Who’s playing who? The adventure begins, and boobs and bruises abound as we follow the women’s attempts to outdo and beat the snot out of each other in the process. Illustrated in true Jerrie Lee style, the action never lets up until the surprise ending. Now I’m left waiting for Playin’ Possum #2! Jerrie? Where is it, Jerrie…I need it Jerrie…I know you can hear me! Jerrie!!

Check out more of Jerrie’s work at
– Get Playin’ Possum #1 NOW at!!

19th Jun2014


by Zachary Carlisle

lucindaAction, mystery, and magic! Those are the best words to describe Princess Lucinda Book 1: Black Rose of the Empire. The world created by writer, Malcolm Harris, artist, Ewelina Mroczkowska, and art director, Abby Soto is fantastic and beautiful. The story itself is very compelling, leaving you wondering what will happen next. The characters are very engaging and fun.

This book felt like the world of Harry Potter collided with the world of Marvel’s Thor. 🙂

Out of five stars, I would give this book a solid four! I’m very excited to read the next book. Keep pumping out the awesome material!

Get it at!

11th Jun2014

The Agency – JC’s Report

by John Crowther

Do you believe in magic?  I do and definitely want more of it after reading Issue #1 of The Agency, a comic offered up by writers/creators Ruben and Bethany Romero and Roger Cabrera, with some quality art work by Eric Koda, who does an excellent job capturing emotions in his characters.

Here’s the background:  The United States government has created an “International Agency of Magic”  (IAM) to control the use of magic and to prevent magical related crimes around the globe.  Imagine….. the US Government imposing its will internationally.   In this first issue, the head of IAM has ordered IAM agents (all of which possess magical powers themselves) to locate and detain a 15-year old boy (also with magical powers) while a faction of evil doers (also with magical powers) are plotting some, as of yet unknown, sinister activity dubbed Operation Pharaoh.

IAM reminds me a bit of the S.H.I.E.L.D., but geared towards neutralizing rogue individuals with magical powers.  The story is well written, expertly guiding you through the story and serving up a fair amount of action, but not so much to steal away from the ultimate story line.  And the plot will keep you guessing (at least it does for me)…who’s working for who?

Overall a very good read and a compelling series to follow.  A solid 8!


Check out issue #1 of The Agency right now on Comixology.

06th Jun2014

Scarlett: Heavy is the Head – JC’s Review

by John Crowther

a207919144fab255e32ee1_lIf I could summarize this excellent read in one word?  INTENSE!

When I had the pleasure of being presented this 1st issue of Scarlett: Heavy is the Head, by Sinister Crimes Studios, for review, I was intrigued by the cover art. Sinister indeed.  Boy, was I right. However, while the art is good, and readily captures the essence of the story, it is by far the story that steals the show.

Terence Sykes and D.M. Eason do a marvelous job of depicting the main protagonist, Mitchell Coltrane, and his initiation into the role of the new Scarlett…a vigilante hell-bent on correcting injustice.  I’m not going to give away the story line (I hate spoilers) so you’ll have to pick this book up and read it for yourself, but this writing duo keeps you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page.  The family man Coltrane is depicted alongside the vigilante Coltrane/Scarlett, without skipping a beat from the intensity of the story.  Very well done.

The artwork by Terence Sykes is good. Be prepared for graphic fight scenes (this ain’t your baby’s comic book) that perfectly depict the story line and will have you jumping to join in the foray.  Trust me….it’s a good thing.  This is definitely a series to watch and one I personally intend to follow.

Overall.  Independent comic at its best. Damn good!  I’d give the story a solid 9/10 and the art a solid 8/10.




Buy it HERE!

04th Jun2014

The Guardians – JC’s Report

by John Crowther

I had the pleasure of reviewing “The Guardians” a project by Todd Black of BlackMagicWolf Productions.  This very creative feel good story is based around the city of Delta and the two “Guardians”, Element and Chaos, who were created to defend the city and its population.

I commend Todd on his story telling.  I found the story line to be family friendly and engrossing.  Todd’s writing is very in-depth and allows the reader to truly get to know the main characters and their individual personalities.  He truly humanizes the Guardians, while also maintaining their sense of mystique.  He uses a good amount of dialogue in his writing, which I enjoy, and is not reliant on the artwork to sell the story.

Speaking of the artwork…Eng Chee Chua does an excellent job of tying the artwork into the story.  The art is very expressive and truly captures the emotions and spirit of the characters and the story throughout the book.  The coloring by Alex Garcia is spot on and very vibrant.

Overall I would rate The Guardians an 8/10.  Given a chance…I believe most readers will thoroughly enjoy this read.  I know I did, and look forward to seeing the direction it takes.

Buy it at


13th Apr2014

Jay’s Reviews A Deviant Mind issue 19

by Jerrie Lee

2014-06-25-Page_11Ok…Hi. I’m Jerrie. I am here to give reviews of comics that you just have to read. At first…i was was going to do this particular review in comic form….But then…i got this advance copy of A Deviant Mind 19 from Pam Harrison. Can’t make a comic full of jokes about this issue. It’s too good for that…so I decided to write this review blog instead. Look folks, if you enjoy reading  good comics, with fantastic characterization….A Deviant Mind issue 19 is the comic for you.  The series itself is about a Lady named Tara…Tara is a woman trying to regain her lost memory….but this issue…issue 19…focuses on one of the series supporting characters…Najimi.

Najimi started off in this series basically as a brat, and pain in Tara’s (the main series’s protagonist) butt.  But as the series progressed..Najimi has come into her own….in issue 19…this girl REALLY comes into her own… Folks, this issue has some of the best writing this series has produced so far. I love this series. It’s great sci-fi…great characters….great writing…but this issue…issue 19….folks…if there is only ONE issue of A Deviant Mind you buy…get this one. If you like reading awesome stories…get this one….you like great 3D art to go with your awesome story reading…get this one. And after you do it…go to the A Deviant Mind Website…catch up on the best Sci-Fi series you’re not reading…and if you’re one of the series fans like I am (I own EVERY issue of this series) You already know what I’m blogging about…ok?

the Link for the site is here……

What? You’re still here? Go over and read A Deviant Mind (By Pam Harrison)

23rd Feb2014

Imperial vs. Impact is complete

by ArtistBaker

The Great Peter Owen and I did an unplanned collaboration together and this book is the result. Link should go live on Indy Planet soon. Mr. Owen is a monster with his art
( meaning doing great ) and working this project among others, it’s great to have him as part of ICU !

Imperial vs. Impact #1

$0.99 Digital Download
$3.00 Print-on-Demand

Peter Owen, Terance Baker

Standard Comic Full Color Page Count: 20

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