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JC’S REPORT – Bloodstripe the Marine: Frontline, Book 1

I recently was presented with the opportunity to review an independent comic titled Bloodstripe the Marine: Frontline, Book 1, written and drawn by R.J. Mead. The book opens with the United States Marines stationed at A.R.R.C. (Advanced Reconnaissance and Research Command Center) in the Middle East being overrun by an army of terrorist Weaponites.  When all seems […]

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The Agency – JC’s Report

Do you believe in magic?  I do and definitely want more of it after reading Issue #1 of The Agency, a comic offered up by writers/creators Ruben and Bethany Romero and Roger Cabrera, with some quality art work by Eric Koda, who does an excellent job capturing emotions in his characters. Here’s the background:  The United […]

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Scarlett: Heavy is the Head – JC’s Review

If I could summarize this excellent read in one word?  INTENSE! When I had the pleasure of being presented this 1st issue of Scarlett: Heavy is the Head, by Sinister Crimes Studios, for review, I was intrigued by the cover art. Sinister indeed.  Boy, was I right. However, while the art is good, and readily captures the […]