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Baker’s ICC Article #60, Cross!

ICC Article #60 Cross tells it like it is,

Our 60th article brings us a creator who literally tells it like it is, Sometimes we as creators need to hear it from the heart. What is passion? What is drive? Ambition? These are very inspirational words from an individual who knows. This article tells us what determination and focus is and where it mostly comes from.  I want to get right into what Cross wants you all to know, and here it is:

” I can’t say, for any certainty, of when I started drawing. It’s been a constant force in my life since the moment I could hold a crayon. There’s just something about the idea, the magic of creation that resonates deep within my soul. That a blank piece of paper and some graphite can hold the limitless potential of all a mind can imagine. There’s magic in the meeting of mind, soul, and materials. Worlds build, worlds fall, heroes rise and villains meet their end. It’s story. Creation. It’s a beautiful intoxication. While I’d been drawing since kindergarten, it wasn’t until the fifth grade that I realized I could do this for a living. That drawing comics was a job of all things. From that realization I’d geared everything toward achieving that dream. Conventions, internships, publications with Aspen Comics… it’s been fourteen years since my first published piece, and the passion, that dream is still alive and fresh. Though it looks different now. The path I had imagined for my life deviated on one simple realization. It’s not the doing, the job, the traditional course of comic book penciling that I was in love with, that I was made for. It was the passion of storytelling, of creating. That’s the passion. A passion I couldn’t follow to its fullest within the rigid world of deadlines, pressure and having to conform my art to the desires of others. Simply put, I need to create. I need to tell what’s burning to get out. So, I broke away, started my own company (Near Mint Mill) and focused on webcomics. I worked through years of being told what my art SHOULD be, dismantled the expectations that had been drilled into my mind, and began doing what I was put on this earth to do, tell stories. It’s through that doing that my art began to blossom out of mere pencils and into a world I’d never dreamt of. I was shading, I was painting, using watercolors (a medium I’d always shied away from) and beyond that, I was trying different art styles, doing stories from sci-fan to slice of life, to parody to fairy tales. Collaborating with not just people I trust and love, but with family. Producing not one, but five comics, plotting out many more of varying forms. With future projects ranging from a pure pencil shaded fantasy, to a pen and ink murder mystery, to a digital trek through animal filled mayhem. Perhaps the biggest surprise in my path since the beginning of my company, was the publishing of my first novel. I’d always considered myself solely an artist, but in my personal dissection, my personal realization of what I truly am, I realized storytelling is more, and I can do it. In short, creation cracked wide open. That is, I think, one of the biggest boons, and hang-ups within the creative world. Self-dissection. Too often people think they know what they are or what their art is, and as such, begin to pigeon-hole themselves into forms and jobs they aren’t truly built for. Thinking you’re ‘just’ a superhero artist, or only work with pencils or a specific medium is the quickest route to stifling your artistic growth. When you say you ‘only’ do one thing you’re mentally limiting yourself to being more or perhaps finding something you do better. Growth takes time, time spent searching your depths and distilling down your interests to their most basic form. Ask the hard questions, ‘why do I like this type of art?’ ‘what aspects of comics is it that I’m truly in love with?’ ‘why have I limited myself to pencil/digital/paint/ink?’ Find the core of your passion, and let that drive your footsteps. For me, it’s storytelling in as many forms possible. They’re powerful, intrinsic, soulful. Stories move the heart of humanity. And creating that? Well, that’s passion, and that’s awesome. ”  


There it is, Solid words that can inspire anyone who is seeking drive.  You want more you say? Good, Here are the links to add more knowledge by a person who has done it and continues to do it. Check Cross out: 

Thank you so much for the incredibly inspiring article, Cross, keep up the amazing work!


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Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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