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Baker’s Article # 57, Kristina Gehrmann

Baker’s Article #57, Kristina Gehrmann, Amazing Creator!
We  are incredibly honored to showcase on this day Ms. Gehrmann, a multitalented illustrator and graphic novelist who often shares with the world Her truly amazing talent!  As viewers  we  see art everyday being posted on the pages and threads of ICC , but every now and then there comes along someone we like to call Awesome!  Well, this article is about one of those people. Kristina Gehrmann.  Everyone in the group will tell you that Ms. Gehrmann graces our pages by posting Her incredibly beautiful art!  That is the truth! Most of us stop and pause just to look at the details and immaculate attractiveness in Her artwork.  It is visually stunning if not almost intoxicating, and I mean that in a good way. Sure we have our comics and sci fi galore and other art that we always enjoy, but when She posts we actually get a chance to look at what many called simply monumental gorgeous top shelf art. It’s what the younger kids refer to as “All that!”  Now as you you read on you’ll see  that She has studied art to further Her ability and it absolutely shows!  I could keep going and tell you just how great She is but I will just let you read Her bio and you can see for your self:
Hi, I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic novelist based in Hamburg, Germany. I’ve always loved drawing, and have been doodling ever since I can remember, but I started taking it seriously when I was about 13 (in 2002/2003). That was the time when I recognized that randomly drawing wouldn’t lead to improvement and that I actually had to do studies and exercises and read books about it if I wanted to get anywhere.
For both my graphic novels (which I also write, I prefer to write my own) and my illustrations I like historical subjects because they’re about something that actually happened or could have happened in our own universe, and a great history illustration can be almost like a glimpse through a time machine. The research is fun, too! And of course, history offers plenty of drama for entertaining stories – human relationships, love, death, conflict, sex – everything’s there! Most of the time, in illustration I prioritize the story that the image is supposed to tell, and treat all elements as characters. The landscape, buildings, and lighting situation become characters on their own, just like any creatures or humans if they’re in the image.  As for comics, I didn’t actually plan to ever do them, but then I got obsessed with the story of the lost Franklin expedition, and after I read more about it – including novels that tell the story – I realized I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had somehow re-interpreted it on my own through creative means. However, digital paintings didn’t seem to be the right medium. Although I had always read comics, I had very little experience drawing them so told myself it would probably result in disaster. It seemed like a crazy idea. But I kept wanting to try it, so in 2013 I gave in, telling myself, “if it doesn’t turn out good, I don’t have to show it to anyone”. I bought Clip Studio Paint (a software for drawing comics, because my usual Photoshop is not well suited for ink-like line drawings) and learned using it during the first few pages which were really awkward. After a few months, I had found my routine, and knew, “Who would’ve thought that drawing comics is so much fun!?”My debut graphic novel, “Im Eisland” was published in Germany in 2015-16 and won the German Childrens’ Literature award, nonfiction category, in 2016.    I’ve been able to make a living pretty consistently since the publication of my comics and graphic novels – particularly the first one has sold well and continues to do so.Currently my income is about 50% book sales (advances, royalties and foreign licenses) and related stuff such as copyright royalties; and 50% illustration assignments (client work). Throw in a small percentage of original work and print sales.I give priority to the paid assignments (client work) since they add to my income from royalties in the long run, even if it means I have no time to work on my comics for a while.

           My advice for aspiring illustrators:                    Get to know the area of illustration you want to focus on; they all work somewhat differently. Talk to fellow illustrators as much as possible, sharewhat you have learned, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Join the illustrators’ association in your country – they will have extremely useful resources that will make a difference for you in the long run. It sounds banal but information truly is power. For example, I recently found that several professional illustrators in my country weren’t aware of copyright royalties from collection societies, which could earn them hundreds to thousands of additional euros per year (at least here in Germany). If you’re a member of your professional association, and continue reading and learning, the chances are much higher that you will learn about such things earlier rather than later. ” 

A very impressive biography Ms. Gehrmann, for fans old and new alike you can see more of what She is doing at the following links: 

Thank you for allowing us the chance to be a part of your amazing world Ms. Gehrmann, We as a community benefit tremendously when we are blessed with beautiful art from creators like yourself.  ICC is honored to call you a friend, and we wish you much continued success as a creator!


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Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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