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ICC Baker’s Article 49, Rob Hicks

Mr. Rob Hicks,

Every now and then we just casually browse the internet to see what we can find, look at, or get into, even if it’s something we are familiar with and then sometimes we do find something brand new that captivates us, well, I did that recently and His name is Rob Hicks.

Scrolling along like I nomally do, sometimes looking for some Original character to draw fan art of,  or even an interesting story about someone – then BAM! This guy, outta nowhere nonetheless. Absolutely amazing work! I discoverd Mr. Hicks purely by accident. Then I went to His page an instant fan!  His linework is amazingly smooth, the composition is clear and immaculate, a very hard feat for many artists to capture, but he does. Then I discovered we have something in common, the passion of creativity. ICC is proud to present our very first Article of 2021 and it is Mr. Rob Hicks, Article #49.   We want you to know You are an inspiration to many fans of art, You are a doer, You are one who is pursuing His passion and is making a difference.

Here is His Bio:

I grew up reading lots of Marvel, DC and independent comic book titles from the late 80‘s and into the 90‘s.  Comic book illustration and the art of visual storytelling has fascinated me since childhood.  Artists such as Jim Lee, Frank Frazetta, Paolo Serpieri, Todd McFarlane, and Michael Turner are some of my biggest inspirations that helped me to develop my current drawing style.


I’ve always had an overactive imagination and I try to use that to push and develop my drawing further.  As both a comic book artist and comic book fan, I’m constantly looking to impress myself, first and foremost, with my artwork.  Beauty, power, and fluidity are the three basic elements that I try to achieve with pretty much anything I draw.  Creating characters and drawing comic books has been almost a life long passion of mine.  It is truly a labor of love but the most rewarding part is seeing the joy and excitement it brings to comic book fans who enjoy my work.  For that reason, I founded Spiral Ink Comics (SIC) in 2013 as a means for me to share all that I create and produce as an independent comic book artist with any and all fans of the culture and medium.


Rob Hicks / comic artist / creator / indie publishern

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin native.
  • First freelance comic book work began in 2001
  • Hooded Cobra comic series 2012 – present
  • Founded Spiral Ink Comics [SIC] 2013 with AZ comic artist Derrick Tipton
  • Succubus comic series 2014 – present

Instagram @robhix_artist  @spiralinkcomicsllc

online shop

ICC would like to Thank Rob Hicks for giving fans this insight on what He does and where He can be found. We are thankful for all creators like Him who give us that little bit of awe that we inspire to be a part of. When we look at what You created we are mesmerized, and that is something art fans enjoy!  Keep up the amazing work Mr. Hicks!



Written by 

Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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