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An exclusive Interview with Marc Moran, the creator of Conqueror and Conqueris!


Sentinelken: So,  Conqueror and Conqueris, where did the concept come from? What was your inspiration behind these characters? The concept came from wanting to have a comic book with Christian Characters in stories that had lots of drama/suspense and plenty of action. Action: inspired by the old-school comics I read back in the day.         

Sentinelken: what do you think makes them different from other superheroes? I believe the Christian element. Something that was rare for Indy’s (Independents) back in the early 2000s.                                                           Sentinelken: Here’s a good question, how many of their adversaries want them out of the picture, who’s the worst of them? There are 3 of them. The worst would be an evil superpowered mastermind called the Killer Genius.    Sentinelken: Do they have any living family members? Yes, their family appears at times.                                Sentinelken: How about love interests? Yes, but they’re mainly crushes. established relationships(courting). Sentinelken:  Is there a significance behind their costume design? Yes, it was to represent their Christian faith Sentinelken: So other than their abilities, what are their other arsenals or weaponry😕 It’s all strictly superpowers. No external weapons or paraphernalia.

Sentinelken: Do they have an Achilles heel so to speak? No, nothing like Kryptonite. LOL!!! Just something like maybe underestimating a foe, or being overzealous or careless at times.?I’ve been creating ever since I was back in the 7th grade. Sentinelken: Have you collaborated with other artist writers and creators? Yes with 2 other independent artists on a couple of books.                                                                                                                                                                  Sentinelken: Of the two major Comic Cons, which do you prefer? Hmmm, I may give C2E2 a slight edge over Wizard World.                                                                                                                                                                                   Sentinelken: What is your biggest concern with the industry today? I’d say getting adequate distribution          Sentinelken: Who were some of your greatest influences and why? They are Golden & Bronze age artists. Their work had amazing action & the composition was excellent & also very simplistic.                                                                   Sentinelken: Have you met any artists who have inspired you? And why? No, I’ve only got as close as to seeing one on stage being interviewed.                                                                                                                                                    Sentinelken: Have they seen your art? What was their response? The closest experience was from another artist who didn’t inspire me that much (though I did like their work), saw my art & told me to work (not rush through) doing my “hands”.                                                                                                                                                                                Sentinelken: A lot of modern-day illustrators utilize different styles and techniques, What other illustrators do you take from? Mostly the Buscema brothers, Gil Kane, John Byrne, & Jack Kirby,                                                                 Sentinelken: What would you like to see different happening in the industry? A lot less vulgarity, sex & gore. I know Indy’s have to offer the freedom to do whatever one wants to do, which is great. But I just don’t have a taste for it. close to retiring soon and there could be a chance I may do other additional characters that have a different theme other than Conqueror & Conqueris.                                                                                                                                                          Sentinelken: Some artists listen to music when they illustrate, do you? Why that Genre? I used to jam to classic rock & house music back in the 80s’. But now I rarely have any music playing, which is weird! Maybe I’ll use my “Alexa” to do that more. LOL!!!!                                                                                                                                                                 Sentinelken: Final Question. Any future plans for the teen wonders? What should we expect for future issues? Yes, they’re not teens anymore. I just did a new issue at the end of 20219 where they’re in college now.  

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