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Article 27 Mr. Dan Sehn Himself!

Article 27, Mr. Dan Sehn Himself!

Yes, another amazing creator who absolutely supports The Independent Movement!  What I can tell You first Hand about Mr. Sehn is He is without a doubt a Superb Creator who has created a fantastic Universe of His own! I have purchased a few of His books and they are awesome!  He has been in the business for quite some time and knows His stuff! H has that knack for appreciating a great story as well as telling them! Argo 5 is a universe that has amazing characters and superb storylines I can tell You first hand as I have read some of them! With a ton of books that readers can choose from one will find a character and stories of that character that one will enjoy immensely! These books have very talented people behind them too, not just the art but the storylines really get You involved!  Dan is also an avid supporter of other indy creators as He buys our indy books and will often review them if we ask, He has a honest and sincere personality that creators enjoy being around too and here is a short Bio on Him:

Dan Sehn is the publisher of Argo Comics as well as the company’s Thunderzone Comics imprint. With a proven track record of 15 years as of publisher of Argo Comics, Dan started Thunderzone to help create opportunities for other creator owned titles and to bring some popular foreign titles to the US market and create a truly global brand.

Dan told ICC, “I have loved superhero comics for as long as I can remember but the team books always seemed to be my favorite. As a little kid, it seemed like a bargain to get a bunch of characters rather than buying their individual titles. So that led me to conceptualizing Argo 5 which has had a pretty good run with issue 36 at the printer now. I started out as a writer for muscle magazines, followed by some anthology stories for other publishers before starting up Argo Comics in 2004.

I think what sets Argo 5 apart is the focus on the social lives of the team. There is a slight soap opera element to the story but beyond that there is some social commentary from real life observations. As an artist myself, I’m always looking to partner innovative writing with strong art.”

In regards to his impressive number of books published, Dan stated, “It’s important to be able to kick the baby bird out of the nest and by that I mean not to fall in love with your project to the point where it is never good enough and you’re doing your fifth draft and you never actually publish the book. You eventually have to accept that after your first issue you will not be able to take a year on every issue after that. You should shoot for the highest quality possible but publish with enough regularity to hold the interest of the readership. You have to kick the baby bird out of the nest and allow it to fly.”

When talking about writing indie comics, Dan said, “Strive for originality. Do not try to do your version of a mainstream title unless you have a huge twist that will make it a different animal altogether. Those titles already exists and have huge full time creative and marketing teams backing them up. People can already buy those books. Offer something unique and of high quality that people can enjoy as a change of pace.”

Argo Comics can be found here:

And @argocomics on social media

So thanks for being a friend of ICC Dan and keep up the superb work!

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Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great article! My Thunderzone line also has a Kickstarter currently running at:

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