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Terance Baker at Dayona Beach Comic Con!

I’m very grateful. It’s been quite the journey. Pleased to announce that I am a featured Guest at Daytona Beach Comic Convention in November. Here’s the thing You should know though: I’m not the best Artist, the best Writer, the best Colorist, the best Editor or Publisher in the Indy World, but one thing everyone can say about me is I have an extreme passion and dedication for the Independent Creator and our movement. I must give thanks first and foremost to Mr. Tom Raupp for this opportunity again.

Something else people will tell you about me is that I treat everyone with respect in this field. My passion for drawing is equal to my ambition, my drive and my pursuit of excellence in this arena. My goals were established from the very start! I have been taking this industry wholeheartedly for the past 6 years. Store owners, Fellow Artists, Writers, Conventions Hosts, CEO’s and more alike who know me..EACH ONE of them will tell you I always treat this field and the people within with the upmost respect. I started surrounding myself with individuals who were just as passionate as I was about succeeding & about creating, I surrounded myself with positive people and left all negativeness and those who embodied it behind. I made clear goals and set forth the gears to reach them. 7 years ago, no one knew me in the Independent world, Now I have a magazine that is being sold in book stores internationally, I could not have ever imagined in the beginning that would be the case, but it’s happening, and I’m thankful to All who made it possible.I didn’t get there alone. I know what my purpose is and no one can stop me from pursuing it- ever. I will stop when I’m ready to stop and not before. You will never ever hear me say I have Artist Block, or I Don’t know what to do next, when You love what you do- that does not exist. I have met TONS of wonderful people in this arena, and continue to do so. I still do pay for some booths and events all the time, that’s a given, that’s normal, I’ve been on both sides of Conventions as a vendor AND as a Host… but when You get invited as a Guest to a variety of conventions and asked to speak on panels at some of them it means people respect You for something that you are doing. I am very thankful that ICC has come as far as it has and that it continues to keep making waves, but I did not do this alone. You have to think outside of the box at times, you have to network, you have to mentor, You have to be mentored. I learn everyday. I teach when I can. I still have a long ways to go with this..but I am very very grateful for all that has been achieved so far for Independents. I truly believe that an idea is just an idea until you actually do something, YOU really Get Out of this medium what You put into it. Independent Creators – OUR TIME IS NOW.

Baker will be at DBCC!

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Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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