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Honorable Mentions

Hello once again all from the cosplay corner, this month I would like to do a SPECIAL dedication to some very special folks who have been very supportive, endearing and instrumental to ICC & our cause. These folks have done so much for us, and I would need an entire book to list all their achievements and how they have supported our cause over the years, be that as it may, I will do a very short summary of one thing they have done among many that we at ICC are eternally grateful for:
PAM HARRISON, Not only is she the editor-n-chief of ICC Magazine, ICC Admin team executive, but she designed ICC’S Website from day one and with the help of ICC Chief Writer BILL MCCORMICK made it even better. There is not enough gratitude we can ever say to tell her how much we greatly appreciate all she has done for ICC. Pam, we love ya big sis!
WINSTON JORDAN, Co Editor of ICC Mag & ICC Mag, he has always been there for ICC, and looks out for the group everyday by showing support, and mentoring fellow creators, founder of INKPOT Comics, we are grateful for his presence everyday!
JERRIE LEE, Jerrie reviews comics in Jerrie’s Rant, and in our initial days J was the only one who helped contribute monetarily to the design of ICC’S Website, we love ya J!
MARCUS H ROBERTS, Moderator of ICC Anthologies he does wonderful work in keeping the writers together, & working on ICC Anthologies collaboration as well, thanks Marcus!
TYE Feimster, When it comes to ICC Support, some people really stick out and he is one of them!
JOHN JONES, He renders amazing 3d art/works and is there whenever we need him.
JAMES BETHEL, My B Brother comic book partner, there from day one. Much appreciation always!
THOM SOLO, Thom has worked with me at numerous cons; he is a vendor you can always count on to help wow the crowd! Avery talented person and great guy all around!
CHRISTIAN BASEL, He was the one who coordinated news footage from Channel 13 news the day prior to ICCON 3. A superb friend if you ever needed one!
TIM HARRIS, Tim has worked with me on numerous occasions, and whenever I need a logo, he is my go to man! Period!
DAVID HANKERSON, Manager of a local magazine store, he has coordinated photo shoot events, and seminars for cosplayers, he is an amazing person and human being!
KEVIN MILLER, He ran ICC’S weekly art challenge in our face book group for over a year, he was always on time and provided weekly challenges for artists to draw.
DAVE N JAKE, David Grace & Jake Estrada of the space coast area are simply two of the best in the business! They can be counted on for anything within the convention scene! The provided the location for ICCON 2 AND 3 in Melbourne Florida!
JOHN CROWTHER, Another fantastic supporter of ICC, This Pro in the business can be counted on for any endeavor, and he eagerly shares his knowledge for new guys who want to learn the business.
ERIC LEGGS, on our very first radio interview, Eric was the very first person to call in supporting ICC!
ANTHONY PETERSON, He hosted his very own ICC HOT CORNER live in which he reviewed comics that indy creators published, he always did so with a smile, Ant as we call him is also a moderator in ICC Anthologies!
ERIC “THE SMOKE” MORAN! Yes, that’s right, The Smoke himself from TV’s Heroes of Cosplay attended ICCONS as our main Host and spokesperson, and he also hosted the cosplay contest. The Smoke is a very well known High Profile cosplayer and we are eternally grateful for his support of ICC!
Vincent Roth Jr, the creator director of The Surge of Power Films, Vince is an amazing human being with a winning personality, and due to a referral by Eric Moran we were fortunate enough to get Pink Hammer to make an appearance in his films as one of Omen’s Champions, we are always grateful for them both, this shows exactly how ICC and affiliates can connect. Great people making great things happen for many creators!

There are so many more people I wish to thank and will have to do so in the next issue of ICC Magazine, until then…work it.
–Terance Baker!

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Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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