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Explore the Infinite Universe of Independent Comics!

We’ve heard it all before… “Sorry, we can’t sell your Indie comic in our comic shop. We only buy Indies if they are promoted in Previews Catalog.” It’s enough to bring an Indie comic artist hopeful to tears.

And it’s hard to advertise an Indie comic in a Mainstream world. Outside of social media, so many artists get no exposure whatsoever. Advertising costs run from $500-$2000 per full page ad, depending on the magazine.

When the Facebook group for the Independent Creators Connection was founded by Terance Baker on May 23, 2013, it was his dream as an Indie hopeful to create a forum for other Indie artists to grow, create, and learn from each other. From the I, Hero anthology series to The Art of ICC, the Wind and the Wolf, Kid Force and finally Indie Heroes for Hurricane Relief, which raised a modest amount of money to assist people affected by the devastating hurricanes of 2017, the potential for so many Indie artists to get together and create something greater than themselves has grown beyond imagining. Terance Baker’s welcome on independentcreatorsconnection.com is simple:
“Greetings everyone, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to the ICC Website. I founded ICC originally on Facebook as a means to give Independent Creators a way of conversing and displaying the art mediums that we enjoyed. The group rapidly expanded, so creating a website was inevitable. As Independents came together I saw the need to connect us even farther, so we created ICU: Independent Creators United, and we published our first collaborative book shortly after that.
“The group is quickly gaining recognition as an Indy Company and a label that is becoming a real contender. ICC and ICU are about to take the industry by storm and I couldn’t be prouder. The theme of ICC is to connect like minded individuals in this market and we are doing that, respectfully. Prepare to see a ton of fantastic individuals and what we can do with art. Thank you and welcome to our world.
“Founder Terance (Artist) Baker.”

What Terance did not expect was the appeal to so many artists of varying levels of skill, and at the time of this Kickstarter, the Independent Creators Connection stands at 8,951 Members. In January 2018 we launched the Premiere issue of ICC Magazine, and by February it had gained the attention of Diamond Comic Distributors. Negotiations were made…and here we are.

As of this Kickstarter we are sending ICC Magazine #4 to print in early September, 2018. We have big dreams, because we know that you do, too. ICC Magazine is a resource and an inspiration for the beginning Independent artist or writer. And it’s a lot of fun to put together. With how-to articles, tutorials, Comic Cons and Cosplay, Artist Spotlights, Hot Indie Comic news–and not to leave out the other artists–there is opportunity to advertise, do a shout-out for inclusion in our Indie Artists to Watch For column, and so much more.

There are very, very few publications dedicated to promoting the Independent comic artist or creator. ICC Magazine has arrived…At long last…a voice for the Indie comic artist. We’re deeply committed to finding and showcasing new voices in Indie comic genres from around the world.

ICC Magazine is published in print and available in eBook (PDF) quarterly (January, April, July, October) around the 15th of that month through IndyPlanet.us. Thanks to Diamond Comic Distributors we are poised to be seen in comic stores everywhere. Kickstarter Backers at the Subscriber Level or higher, and those purchasing single issues, get each issue in its entirety up front, no waiting. Those reading online for free wait a month for the second half, which appears on the first Tuesday of the second month at independentcreatorsconnection.com

Along with your pledge of support, you have the opportunity to buy advertisement in our magazine and grab some great goodies in the process, so this project is win-win. Join us in our efforts to cover our first print run with Diamond, and if you are generous enough, we’ll see YOUR work or a shoutout of our thanks for your gracious support presented for everyone to see in upcoming issues of ICC Magazine!

We at the Independent Creators Connection think we’re doing important work, and we’d like to continue. Please consider supporting ICC Magazine!

Risks and challenges

The risk involved in this project is pretty simple: It’s an all or nothing proposition. When we do appear in Previews Catalog, comic shops come to Diamond to order their copies of ICC Magazine.
Diamond tells me how many to print and ship. And then according to the terms, I invoice them for the cost after they have shipped. Diamond understands that, to start at least, independent publishing can be pricey off the top. Generally, payment is sent to me within 30 days of their receiving my invoice.
No, this is not crap, it’s how print orders have been processed for more than 200 years, and it is also why so many Indie artists can’t do this on their own. I have all my printers and all my bricks in place, all we have to do is cover the orders and offer awesome benefits to everyone who helps us out.
And that’s why we need you.

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