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06th Jul2017

Advertise With ICC Magazine!

by PamHarrison

Advertise with ICC Magazine! You have two options! Print advertisement in our comics, or promote your comic or business on Project Wonderful! Click the image at left for advertising rates and ad sizes. Contact for availability or other questions. Advertising is handled by Sword and Labrys Productions!Want to advertise here on Project Wonderful?
Terance Baker founded ICC originally on Facebook as a means to give Independent Creators a way of conversing and displaying the art mediums that we enjoyed. The group rapidly expanded, so creating a website was inevitable.
As Independents came together he saw the need to connect artists even further, so we created ICU- Independent Creators United, and we published our first collaborative book shortly after that.
The group is rapidly gaining recognition as an Indy Company and a label that is becoming a real contender. ICC and ICU are about to take the industry by storm and we couldn’t be prouder. The theme of ICC is to connect like minded individuals in this market and we are doing that, respectfully. Prepare to see a ton of fantastic individuals and what we can do with art.
Teamed with Sword and Labrys Productions, our webhost offers advertisers an inexpensive platform to advertise their comics, and your advertising keeps Independent Creators Connection’s website up and running!

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