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iHERO_Special Edition

***I will be adding/updating this post in the coming days/weeks…!


1- Original Post on ICC FBpage (Nov18):

Hey fellow ICC/ICU-ers,
I was thinking earlier today of how many characters have been showcased, introduced and even created for ICU’s original comic series ‘I Hero’ in the last 2 years and pitched the idea to Artist Baker, our supreme ruler, of having these great characters either being intro’d in pin-up form or better yet, in an exclusive ICU I Hero companion book…Each artist that has intro‘d their particular creation/s could do a special pinup for this…It’s just an idea and how it would be put together (format, colors, etc.,) is up to the group…Of course Artist, Winston, Pam & the powers that be have to have major input into this…What’s the group think?…It was just an idea I had and I even added this ‘mock’ cover for inspiration…What say u? See More


2- Repost on ICC FBpage (Nov26):

Hey Fellow ICC/ICUer’s,
My apologies for the long wait on my follow thru for this project. OK, so here is what Artist Baker, Winston Jordan and Pam Harrison suggested needs to be done:
1- Each past IHERO artist contributing will need to send their high rez ‘completed’ piece/art pinup to ICU’s email address which is:
*NOTE: Let me stress (STRESS) that they must be emailed to this address!!!
**NOTE2: Artist Baker would like/has stressed in earlier posts (today & in the past) that each artists perspective IHERO original character really needs to be included in the reference files created for I HERO here on our Facebook page. That being said, please post your completed piece in their perspective (IHERO 1 or 2) reference folder/album.
2- The piece must include: logo/name of character & bio (doesn’t need to include physical stats, just who they are). I think 5-10 sentences should do.
3- The piece should be colored (leave that up to you).
4- The piece should have some type of background. Doesn’t have to be a full background but show a lil’ something there, OK?
5- I will be attaching a table of contents layout page for the book of all the characters (featured in the IHERO series), page #’s and known past contributing artists/creators to date, that have appeared in both ‘IHERO #’s 1 & 2′.
6- Now, I know some of the artists’ (older and newer members alike) here who hadn’t contributed to IHERO have expressed desire to do so now. I noted in my original post that I would like for the original artists to contribute to their particular creations initially (it’s only fair, agreed?) but I also suggested that if the original artists’ agreed, maybe artistic, writing, coloring, lettering collaborations could work. This is not to say that we wont have room for other IHERO artwork but let’s do this step by step…***Also NOTE: To all artists/creators that took part in both IHERO books: IF you cannot contribute to this SOURCEBOOK for any reason, please PM me so that I can designate an artist in your place…
So whattaya think? Good idea? I will update on this thread or repost follow ups accordingly so everyone can be updated. Any questions can be directed to me, preferably via PM here. Please let me know if there is any confusion about anything I’ve written here. And once again, I can use any help, advice, critique and suggestions from anyone to help make this another great ICC Creation…Caio Amigos!
See More

— with Robert January, Phillip Steele, Don Edwards, Anthony APtherealone Peterson, Gabriel Smith, Raymond Sanders, Eric Leggs Sr., Tim Improving Harris, James Bethel, Omecca Comics, Artist Baker and Chester TryingTo Livemylife.

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  1. I’ve fallen way behind on posting updates…My apologies…Will be adding sourcebook previews soon…Project just about completed…Long time coming but worth it…Stay tuned…FSoto

    1. Get back as soon as you can, hoping to make some stuff happen here soon.

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