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What’s this group all about? – by Winston Jordan

I love when a new member asks ‘What’s this group all about?” Because it give me the chance to show how proud I am of this group and how honored I am to be in it. Never before have I been so loyal to something I didn’t create. When I came here a little over 11 months ago, I asked the same question Scotty Clayton. What I’ve found is that I’ve made some awesome connections with some of the most talented and cool creators I’ve ever had the honor of being amongst. This short video will show you what I mean. Our creators do comics, novels, music, cosplay and everything in between. We cross publish, and even are trying to establish a presence outside of Facebook with our own standalone website (, Twitter and YouTube pages. We are even hoping to fund the first ever ICCon in July 2015.

Some of the projects here I advise you to check out are:

Matthew Greganti‘s novel Spirit.
A sci-fi adventure that has Christian overtones. Tells the story of a former freedom fighter who’s walked away from his duty but returns to it to help a young apprentice find his way to Christ.

Artist Baker‘ s (who is the founder of the group by the way) Pink Hammer.
Tells the story of Tasha Brown, a seemingly ordinary woman who is given the power called the Crimson Force to defend the innocent.

Dee Block‘s Butter
A visual style like no other, Butter tells the story of a female assassin trying to find answers as to why her former clan is after her. Martial arts, guns, hot chicks, you have my attention.

Pam Harrison‘s A Deviant Mind

Tells the story of Tara telepath of no small ability, awakens in a regeneration tube with no recollection of who she is and where she comes from. The insidious truth behind Tara’s amnesia is, she has a secret that makes her worth hunting-and it’s far more terrible than anyone could have ever imagined. Tara is taken into Imperial custody as a hunt begins to find out who she was and what is going on. When she takes it on herself to discover the truth, the more she learns, the worse it gets.

Cyril Brown‘s Hybrid Zero

Tom Rasch‘s Black Alpha

Alex Fernandez does a wonder sci fi web series called The Body Jumpers.
And his cast includes the talented and beautiful actresses Tricia Lisanne, Gretchin Noel, Linda Delmonico Prussen, Parisse Davies, Danielle Harper, A-Marie Walter and Daisy Taveras. His males include Harold B Gibson, Mark D. Law, Shane Yong Lee Bruger, and Fulll Force’s own Bow-Legged Lou playing the main villain. I tell you, its better than mainstream stuff out there.

I myself do a series called The Dragon Trio. A martial arts based comic that tells the story of three brother relocated to America who try to find answers to their parents murders and get more than they bargained for.

Jennifer Rash does am amazing book called Dream Angel.

Omecca Comics, Kelly Gordon (and his series JusBlaze) as well as his wife Jennifer Gordon. Terence Sykes, Todd Black and his series Guardians.
John Crowther and his series Rochelle the Teenage Cockroach, Artist Lena J and sooo many others
I tell you there is so much talent here that one post cant begin to cover it all.

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Terance Baker founded ICC in order to bring like minded individuals together. A community in which creators of various mediums could connect under one roof socially for all things creative. We have grown tremendously and we continue to encourage, promote, and inspire everyday. We are ICC!

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