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The Agency – JC’s Report – Independent Creators Connection

The Agency – JC’s Report

Do you believe in magic?  I do and definitely want more of it after reading Issue #1 of The Agency, a comic offered up by writers/creators Ruben and Bethany Romero and Roger Cabrera, with some quality art work by Eric Koda, who does an excellent job capturing emotions in his characters.

Here’s the background:  The United States government has created an “International Agency of Magic”  (IAM) to control the use of magic and to prevent magical related crimes around the globe.  Imagine….. the US Government imposing its will internationally.   In this first issue, the head of IAM has ordered IAM agents (all of which possess magical powers themselves) to locate and detain a 15-year old boy (also with magical powers) while a faction of evil doers (also with magical powers) are plotting some, as of yet unknown, sinister activity dubbed Operation Pharaoh.

IAM reminds me a bit of the S.H.I.E.L.D., but geared towards neutralizing rogue individuals with magical powers.  The story is well written, expertly guiding you through the story and serving up a fair amount of action, but not so much to steal away from the ultimate story line.  And the plot will keep you guessing (at least it does for me)…who’s working for who?

Overall a very good read and a compelling series to follow.  A solid 8!


Check out issue #1 of The Agency right now on Comixology.

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