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Talent Abounds, Some Fantastic Art – Independent Creators Connection

Talent Abounds, Some Fantastic Art

What you see above is just a small portion of the tremendous talent we have within the ICC. Our interests range from Comic Book Art, Cosplay to Poetry to Independent Film Making and everything in between. On any given day you can log on to our room and see top notch talent just posting away. Within a month or two of creating our face book room we created our ICU Comic Book label, and had a small band of creators drawing their own pages for our first collaborative effort, and we published our first united book and we continue that trend today among other projects in the works. The skills and creativity rival that of any major industry of the same. NOTE: Every picture above and henceforth The Original Artist or Creator maintains their own individual copyright, as our galleries are only to show what they have posted as means of even more exposure. Any Products that will be sold on this website will be done so with the owner’s permission or link to their domain. ICC serves as a representation of connecting individuals for greater exposure and networking to enhance our love for art.

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